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哈曼改装The tent contained two persons, the ship鈥檚 owner and master, a young Attic merchant, who was reclining on a couch, and his wife, who sat on the edge of the seat in front of him.时时毒胆在线做号工具鈥淟astly, let there be hung in the temple of Poseidon a tablet bearing a representation of Lycon鈥檚 deed307 at the time of the flood and a short account of his life, in which it should be stated that he had been a branded slave. Coming generations could then read there that the city of Methone did her duty even to the most insignificant person. This, dear fellow citizens, is my proposal concerning Lycon. If any one has a better plan to suggest, I will gladly recall it.鈥


He was entered on the citizens鈥 list as Lycon, son of Megacles. But nobody had known this Megacles, and no one could tell where the house of Lycon鈥檚 parents stood, or had stood. All that was known about him was that, two years before, he had suddenly appeared in Athens鈥攁s he said, after a long residence in Bithynia where his father had died. Now and then it was whispered that he was 鈥渁 spurious citizen,鈥 and at one of the examinations to which these lists were occasionally subjected, he was questioned by the demarchs or district inspectors. To them Lycon stated that his father had been a ship鈥檚 captain and for many years had been absent from Athens; he had himself gone to sea with him, and the rough work on board227 had given him large, hard hands. One of the demarchs, a rich ship-owner, thought he could entrap Lycon by questioning him about the names of the various parts of a vessel. But the latter was at no loss for an answer. This resulted greatly to his advantage; the ship-owner declared himself satisfied, and Lycon鈥檚 name remained on the list.

鈥淶eus deserts no one. But praised be thou, my daughter, for having heard the god鈥檚 voice. In saving yourself, you slew the Cychreans鈥 foe. The nation to which thy husband belongs owes thee thanks and honor.鈥滿anes was sitting working on a pair of sandals,84 whose straps were not in the best condition. When Callippides entered, he was evidently startled and confused and tried to hide something behind his chair.

98 Myrmex stared at Hipyllos with his mouth wide open in amazement.Callippides then left the house, and did not return until the evening.

鈥淗is or some other person鈥檚; what do you know about it? Help me to get the horse into the shed.鈥漁pasion thrust his foxy face from behind one of the pillars, and noticing that the conversation had almost ceased, made a sign to the young girls.

鈥淵et it was a murder.鈥濃淏y Aphrodite!鈥 he cried, 鈥渢he girl is bewitching, and I am not so old....鈥

Just at that moment a loud shout was heard close at hand.